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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kate and Leopold

Meg Ryan stars as Kate McKay, a modern female executive in New York City whose drive to succeed in the cutthroat corporate world has left little time for romance. When her genius ex-boyfriend Stuart (Liev Schreiber) opens a portal in time, the experiment transports Leopold (Hugh Jackman) from 1867 to the present day. A charming bachelor and the royal "Third Duke of Albany" in his own time, Leopold is fascinated by the 21st century. As the courtly Leopold and the decidedly liberated Kate tour the town, a mutual attraction develops into something deeper, a relationship that's threatened by Leopold's temporary chronological status.
This movie just happened to be on TV last Saturday and I watched it while cleaning my room. It is adorable and if you love Hugh Jackman (like I do) you will love it:) I love it when he is eating tater tots, wondering what they are, and decides they are not very good so he states he is ready for the next course. She just looks at him dumbfounded and decides he is truly an idiot. He is such a gentleman and she does not know how to respond. It's like she has never been around anyone with manners before. Her brother is so funny. He thinks that Leopold is an actor who is always in character. He's so impressed. Very cute movie>


Maddie said...

I need to watch this! I'm pretty sure I never saw the whole thing. I will see if it's on Netflix!

Lee S. said...

This is one of my favs! I've seen it dozens of times. "Rich, creamery butter. Is there anything better?" ha ha :)

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