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Sunday, March 18, 2012

I'm a Little Teapot.....

 we are having a giveaway!!!!!!

these are the rules:
-if you are not already a follower, add yourself as one.
-leave a comment on this post that says "Me Me Me"!
-vote for the book you would like us to pick for our august book selection. include that in your comment.
here are our choices:


       The Tigers Wife-By Tea' Obreht 


The Marriage Plot-By Jeffrey Eugenides


11/22/63: A Novel-By Stephen King 


The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory

or add another choice for us to consider:)

read up on these books by clicking on the author or the link provided and see which ones look interesting. i will pick the one with the most votes.

we will pick the winner of the giveaway by random spin.
(the winner will be announced on 3/23/12)
want to know what you can win?.........

well, this ones mine..........


 and so is this one...........


but this one can be yours............

along with..........


it's a beautiful cast iron teapot from Teavana in cranberry and gold


Handsome cast iron teapot features a Japanese goldfish or 'yamabuki,' whose color reflects the richness of pure gold. Because of this, the fish symbolizes wealth, fidelity and prosperity. These Japanese tetsubin teapots are admired and collected not only for their quiet beauty, but also for their ability to brew the perfect pot of tea. It requires the skill of 17 craftsman to make one of these beautiful teapots. And with proper care, they will last a lifetime. Teapot makes 21oz (620mL) of tea and includes a removable stainless steel fine mesh strainer
I will also include a 3 oz. tea tin
and a sample of

Youthberry Wild Orange Blossom Tea Blend


Youthberry Wild Orange Blossom Tea Blend

Reinvigorate your skin and add vitamins and antioxidants to your diet with this delicious blend of white and herbal teas. This blend combines Youthberry white tea with Wild Orange Blossom herbal tea for an explosion of flavor. The combination is also very low in caffeine.
and a sample of this:
sugar: German Rock Sugar (1 lb)
German Rock Sugar
and!!!!!   last but not least...............
trivet: Black Ripple Cast Iron Trivet

Black Ripple Cast Iron Trivet


This black round trivet features ripples to represent serenity of water. Ideal for any 18 - 22 oz. capacity teapot, this trivet keeps your tabletop surface cool, while keeping your cast iron pot warm. This trivet also has small cast iron feet with silicone covers to protect your fine surfaces from possibly being blemished. 5 1/2" diameter
this is over a $100.00 value and can't wait for one of you to own it!
and i will send it to you in a brown paper package tied up with string:)
if you want to learn more about these beautiful teapots and healthful teas, check them out here:

if you can't already tell, we will celebrating tea next month along with the rain and our book
we lost our sweet tiko last week;(  grandpa dave and grandma dallyne are very sad.  please send them your best by leaving a comment here. she will read it......

 the beautiful pictures of the teapots were taken by the beautiful madelyne..check her out here


Matt said...

Me, Me, Me.

11/22/63 seems more like something I would like.


Heidi said...

Me, me, me!

I would pick either The Marriage Plot or The Other Boleyn Girl. I read The Other Boleyn Girl several times, and own the movie, so I can guarentee it's a good read, but I'm hering great things about The Marriage Plot and I want to read it soon.

Meagen Ridley said...

Me, me me! The Marriage Plot.

Amber Beck said...

me me me!
:] I found you through your adorable daughters blog.
I wish my momma would make a blog! And I sorta love that this is a book club. When Im not reading for school, I am always reading for fun.
And tea.
goodness. What a neat little giveaway!
I vote for The Marriage Plot. It's on my to read list!

Anonymous said...

Me me me! :) Hello! I'm visiting from Chloe's blog! (love her! Maddie too :)) My vote would be for The Other Boleyn Girl, because I would love to read that book and watch the movie, or The Tiger's Wife sounds amazing too. I want to have my own book club one day! :)

Such a sweet giveaway! xo

@manda said...

"Me Me Me"!

@manda said...

I vote for the Marriage Plot. Looks interesting and I am so ready for another good book!

Maddie said...

The Marriage Plot! Pick me!! Love you!

John said...

I LOVE your blog staci! I hope I win that beautiful teapot. What a fun idea, this giveaway!
Mom, I am heart broken about Teko believe it or not. She was the only dog I truly loved. I only allowed her in my house you know!

chloé said...

me me me! the marriage plot!

John said...

Me Me Me! I think The Marriage Plot sounds really good! Google has me signed up as John but my alias is Penny!

Britt-Britt said...

ME,ME,ME! I vote for The Marriage Plot. P.s. I'm really glad you are blogging again.

Sam&Sarah said...

pick me!! i vote for the marriage plot! love you staci!

Kells said...

I follow. I am a lover of tea and books so I love love love this blog!

"Me Me Me"!

I'm reading confessions of a Jane Austin addict, I think you'd really like it!!

REESE said...

Me Me ME!!! I absolutely love to read. I can't wait to follow along with your book club. I vote for the Marriage Plot!!! I hope I win too of course!!! This is such a great idea. Thanks for doing it!

Lee S. said...

This is the best giveaway...EVER! I choose the Marriage Plot.
Sorry to hear about Tico, Dallyne. Sad I didn't get to say goodbye :(

{Jesica Huffaker} said...

Me, me, me! I vote for the Marriage Plot! I am ALWAYS looking for a good book to read so thank you to sweet Chloe for directing me to your blog!

Erin said...

Me Me Me!
Found you through Chloe. I love to read & this looks like such a fun blog! I think The Marriage Plot sounds good.

Robyn said...

Me, Me, Me. The Tiger's Wife sounds interesting.

Aunt Dal & Uncle David, we are sorry to hear about Tiko, she was loved!!!

Tara Long said...

Me! Me! Me! I am always looking for good reads! (thanks Chloe for sending me!)
The Other Boleyn Girl or The Tigers Wife sound good to me.

Melisa said...

"Me Me Me"! :)

I've been wanting to join a book club for a long time so I'm very happy to have discovered this!

My vote is for The Other Boleyn Girl, because I already own a copy and have been meaning to read it but just haven't gotten around to it. I haven't heard anything about the other possible selections, but I'm sure any would be a good read.

Mariella said...

Me! Me! Me!
Me! Me! Me!
Me! me! me!
Me! Me ! MEEEEE!
the marriage plot!

Elise said...

"Me Me Me"!
I vote for- The Other Boleyn Girl.
I have never read this book, but I have seen the movie and I really enjoyed it! I bet the book is better than the movie (because lets be honest...the book is ALWAYS better than the movie). When I finish the book I am currently reading, I am going to read The Other Boleyn Girl.

Such a fun thing you have started. Good Luck!!!

Tori said...

me me me!

I would say the marriage plot, sounds interesting and like something I'd enjoy reading.

i love tea and your teapots are fabulous/goregous!


Dallys said...

Me me me! 11/22/63 is an amazing book! I vote for that even though I've already listened to it.

knz said...

ME, ME, ME! I vote for 11/22/63. I really want to read The Art of Racing in the Rain, I'm glad that is the pick for April! That teapot is SO cute!

Heidi said...

Me! Me! Me!. I vote for The Marriage Plot :). I look forward to reading the books you suggest here. I love your blog! It's so fun and interesting to read :) Thanks for sharing

Cailie said...

Me, me, me!! I'm popping in from Chloe's blog. Your daughter cracks me up and it probably my favorite blog to read! :) I looove reading and got a kindle for Christmas and have been looking for a good new book to read so this is helpful! The Marriage plot sounds good. .. but I did like The Other Boleyn Girl movie.. but I like reading the books first so I'll stick with the first one! Gorgeous tea pot! Would look great in my new house :)

Kell said...

Me, me, me! I vote for 11/22/63. I found you from Chloe :)

Masters Of Disasters said...

Me,Me, Me! It would look so cute in my new kitchen. I vote on The marriage plot.
Grandma I am so sad about Tico, and I know you and Grandpa are too. Tico was a great little dog and lived a good life. I can't think of a better life for a dog, than living out in Torrey, chasing rodents ;) I just got my internet hooked up and read the news. Beau will be sad because it was his turn to do the Wiener float. I love you and will call soon. I have a a beast of a cold.

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