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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"my heros have always been cowboys"

"and they still are it seems."

the electric horseman

this movie came out when i was in st. george going to college...
it was filmed there so it was really fun to see it then...

it brings back memories:)

it's been on
the turner movie classic network
the retro channel
also on netflix

robert redford and jane fonda

"the kind of story that excited them in 1979 was this comedy-western-romance about former rodeo champion sonny steele, hired by a cereal company to be its spokesperson. decked out in a cowboy outfit covered in lights, sonny is supposed to hawk the product during a special las vegas appearance, but when he finds out the champion horse he's riding is being drugged by the corporation, he rides off the stage and into the desert, where he plans to free the horse. hot on his trail is reporter alice "hallie" martin, who catches up with steele on the run, falls in love with him, and aids him in his mission when the evil food conglomerate comes gunning for him."

i thought he was so gorgeous...

"You're all bent. Are you sick?

Nope. Just bent."

more later...

for your viewing pleasure:)
the growing boys...
benny blue and baby jack


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

cheeks and toes:)

i cannot get enough of these yummy babes...

they make me excited for every single day!

more later...

"you're crazy. you oughta be locked up."

Based on a true story, a group of allied escape artist type prisoners of war are all put in an 'escape proof' camp. Their leader decides to try to take out several hundred escapees all at once. The first half of the film is played for comedy as the prisoners mostly outwit their jailers to dig the escape tunnel. The second half is high adventure as they use boats and trains and planes to get out of occupied Europe.

this is definetly a fun guys movie...

In 1942, the Germans have built what they consider an escape-proof POW camp where they plan to house all the problem POWs, i.e. those that have made multiple escape attempts in the past. What the Germans don't realize is that they've put all the best escape minds in one location. If they can't escape, these POWs believe it is their military duty to make the enemy place as much effort into their confinement as possible to divert them from other war related pursuits. Royal Air Force Squadron Leader Bartlett plans not just a one or two man escape at a time like most escape attempts in the past have been, but a massive escape of two hundred fifty men through a series of tunnels - if one tunnel is found, they can focus on the others. Each escapee will be provided with a complete set of forged documents and standard clothing. With their reputations preceding them, each POW is assigned a specific task in carrying out the plan. Somewhat outside of the plot are Captain Hilts and Flying Officer Ives - who spent their first thirty days in camp in the cooler together - they who are unofficially assigned as the decoys who will make more rudimentary escape attempts. They ask Hilts to make a more serious task of reconnaissance of the local town if he ever does successfully escape, which of course means his recapture to bring the information back into camp and more time in the cooler. Beyond basic logistical problems and the Germans finding out what's going on, they have potential problems in certain POWs who may become liabilities dealing with their own personal issues.


what a cast!

i love steve mcqueen!!!!

more later...

Monday, June 17, 2013

a lowly sandwich

Coronation Chicken:

A Lowly Sandwich Filling With A Royal Pedigree

if you want to eat like a queen, maybe it's time to break out the cold chicken, curry and cream sauce:)

the recipe was invented in 1953 as a solution to a problem.

what do you make in advance and serve 350 foreign dignitaries at the queen's coronation, when britain is living under post war food rations?

chicken was not cheap then but it was accessible and it did satisfy the
"stiff upper lip"
needed without screaming
"we are better than you"!
it is still one of the queen's favorites and is a very popular dish in england.

it is basically chicken salad with curry, fruit, and nuts.

i used grandma's recipe and added mango's,
curry to taste
and cashews.
it is delicious...
(you could also just buy the rotisserie chicken salad at costco and add to it:))
chicken salad with grapes always reminds me of grandma:)

they talk about this in the book
"the secret keeper"

more later...

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

blood orange sky

"it will have blood, they say;
blood will have blood".
william shakespeare

i was a little obsessed with
blood oranges this spring,
and when our book
"the secret keeper"
talked about blood orange tea,
i had to try it!

it was really good!

i got it from here

i think the blood oranges themselves
are so pretty!

"of all that is written, i love only what a person has written with his own blood".
~friedrich nietzsch

i thought
"blood orange marmalade"
looked and sounded 

but the tea was definitely
especially for summer... 

“you are in my blood. i can't help it.
we can't be anywhere except together”

hope you have a great day!

(we will revisit
blood oranges when we read this
in september:)
can't wait!
she is local!!

more later...