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Thursday, March 29, 2012


In New York City during October 1999, John Sullivan (Caviezel), a 36-year-old homicide detective, is still traumatized over the death of his fireman father Frank (Quaid). Living in the same house where he grew up, he discovers his father's ham radio following a breakup with his girlfriend Samantha  and begins transmitting.
Because of unusual aurora borealis activity, John discovers he has managed to make contact with his father exactly 30 years in the past the day before his death in a warehouse fire. Though Frank doesn't believe it is John, John is able to shout out a warning about the fire that took Frank's life. The next day as he tries to escape a burning building Frank remembers John's words and escapes safely.
By saving his father from the fire, John has created a new timeline while retaining his memory of the old. The following day, John discovers that in this new timeline Frank had died of lung cancer from chain-smoking and John's mother Julia Sullivan (Elizabeth Mitchell) was murdered by a serial killer. John is able to piece together that his mother's killer was called the "Nightingale Killer", a man who originally murdered three nurses before he vanished, but with the past changed he has now murdered ten with Julia as the sixth. Using information from 1999 police files on the impending six killings,
John and Frank work together across the gap of time to stop the murderer in 1969 and save Julia.
this movie is seriously so good and one of my all time favorites. it is fast paced and the acting is great.  
 if you want something to do this weekend, make popcorn and watch this:)

have a great day..
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Maddie said...

I haven't seen this movie in so long!! Checking to see if it's on Netflix right. Now.

Britt-Britt said...

It sounds awesome! I think I know what I'm doing this weekend :)

John said...

I will see if I can get it on Netflix> Thanks for the suggestion. I have not seen this movie!

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