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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

the moon

since our theme for the month is wolves or werewolves
i thought you might like to know a little about the moon...

Last quarterSeptember 8, 201207:16:10 AM
New moonSeptember 15, 201208:10:34 PM
First quarterSeptember 22, 201201:42:34 PM

Full moonSeptember 29, 201209:18:32 PM

Last quarterOctober 8, 201201:34:11 AM
New moonOctober 15, 201206:02:36 AM
First quarterOctober 21, 201209:33:48 PM

Full moonOctober 29, 201201:50:30 PM

Last quarterNovember 6, 201205:36:55 PM
New moonNovember 13, 201203:08:20 PM
First quarterNovember 20, 201207:32:36 AM

Full moonNovember 28, 201207:47:28 AM

Last quarterDecember 6, 201208:32:49 AM
New moonDecember 13, 201201:42:24 AM
First quarterDecember 19, 201210:19:53 PM
Full moonDecember 28, 201203:22:40 AM

hope you are enjoying your book...
it's good!


more later...


chloƩ said...

this is awesome! did i tell you i started vampire diaries finally? ahhh!!!! i love you so much mom! thinking of you lots today!

Staci T said...

Thanks, my bug! Vampire Diares rocks. When you get done with second season let me know, cause that's where i am at. I will start the third at the same time as you:) Love you!!!

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