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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

matters of the heart

image of clay taken from here

I spend so much time looking for new books to read. I am always tempted to go to the obvious recent bestsellers and lists and whatnot in order to hopefully find something everyone wants to read. In other words I am always on the hunt for the next new book.

But …
every once in a while…

a book finds me.

The Ball Player…

This book found me.

And since I was personally guaranteed by its author of “passion galore”...
how could I not read it?

So here’s the thing…

Just when you think you are reading what seems like an auto biography of a professional athlete you soon discover that what you are really reading is a beautifully written, heartfelt story about love.

In its purest and simplest form.

It begins with the love of Baseball, continues with real friendship and the seedy underbelly of sports and ends with the possibility of 
true love and forgiveness.

What drives a man to the extreme? What drives a man to do the unthinkable (in his own eyes) in order to play for a little longer? 
What do you do when you are “Born to Play Baseball” and the pursuit of that dream nearly kills you and yet you still cannot give it up?

How do you find a new dream?

Can you?

That’s the dilemma that this ball player faces. Along with the loss of his best friend and biggest competitor. He realizes that all his life he was driven by the competition of his lifelong friend and now that friend is gone and he feels entirely responsible and somewhat lost without that motivation.

I was promised “passion galore” and it truly does have passion. Maybe not the obvious “Fifty Shades of Grey” type passion but the deep down, sometimes awkward but definitely genuine passion that is often dismissed or skimmed over by male writers.

It was real and fragile and in its simplicity, that much more moving.

 This story is honest and so exposed.

I loved it.

Mr. Snellgrove is  
a beautiful writer with something deep that needs to be said. 
I hope there is more…

and clay...
thank you for liking my seemingly meaningless picture on instagram and helping this book find me...

i truly did dig it:)

"she was part of everything i had done since being born again under the half moon of a humid summer sky."

"for one night i was able to see without light, breathe without air, and experience my soul living inside another."

from the "the ball player"
by clay snellgrove

more later...


Maddie said...

Oooh sounds good! I will have to download this book! :)

chloé said...

oooo this sounds like a great book! can't wait to read this!!

John said...

That sounds like a nice change! I have been so involved in English history lately. I just finished watching The Tudors, all four good. It is a drama of English history in the 1500's. So captivating! Now I have a crush on Joseph Rys Myers who played King Henry VIII. and William Colliden who played The Dke of Suffolk.can I just say GORGEOUS! Just a heads up, it's a little, hmmm, risqué !

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