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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

johnny depp. umm..yes please:)

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"the most tempting of all sweets becomes the key weapon in a battle of sensual pleasure verses disciplined self-denial in this comedy.
in 1959, a mysterious woman named vianne (juliette binoche)
moves with her young daughter into a small french village, where much of the community's activities are dominated by the local catholic church.
a few days after settling into town, vianne opens up a 
confectionary shop across the street from the house of worship-
shortly after the beginning of lent.
while the townspeople are supposed to be abstaining from worldly pleasures, vianne tempts them with unusual and delicious chocolate creations, using her expert touch to create just the 
right candy to break down each customer's resistance.
with every passing day, more and more of vianne's neighbors are succumbing to her sinfully delicious treats, but the comte de reynaud (alfred molina), the town's mayor, is not the least bit amused;
he is eager to see vianne run out of town before she leads the town into a deeper level of temptation.
vianne, however, is not to be swayed, (she is a witch after all:))
and with the help of another new arrival in town, a handsome irish gypsy named roux
(johnny depp),

she plans a "grand festival of chocolate,"
to be held on easter sunday."
  based on the novel by joanne harris, chocolat features a distinguished supporting cast, including judi dench, lena olin, carrie-anne moss, peter stormare, hugh o'conor, and leslie caron.

                      ~ mark deming, rovi~

i love this movie so much.
it is one of my all time favorite witch movies
and i do believe that johnny depp is at his most beautiful in this movie...

it's my favorite johnny depp movie for sure...
i decided since i was watching this movie that i needed to make something from grandma j's cookbook that has chocolate in it but it was so hot and i wasn't sure i wanted to actually cook...
i found this funny recipe and decided to try it...

it is without a doubt the easiest thing i have ever made...
if you like rice crispy treats, you gotta try this...
here are the ingredients:

2 table spoons butter
1/2 small jar marshmallow creme
2 1/2 cups crispy rice cereal
i quart of ice cream

the only cooking required is melting the butter he he...

mix em up...

scoop it in...

lust after johnny depp while eating and watching 

worth every. 

yes please...

more later...


knz said...

Love! I need to watch this movie now!

Staci T said...

Yes! you absolutly do! Its on Netflix:)

Masters Of Disasters said...

I love this movie. I bring it out of "My Favorite Movie Drawer" once a year and watch it!!

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