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Thursday, August 2, 2012

games and such

enders game

Enders Game Review
 by Matt

Enders Game was a very good read/listen, if you don't know I generally listen to books from Audible rather than read them.  It is easier for me because it gives me something to do while I drive to work or workout in the fitness center.

Anyway, Enders Game is about a young boy name Andrew Wiggins, he lives in the future and was monitored by the government since he was a baby to see if he has the ability/capability to fight against the aliens called buggers.  The earth was attacked 80 years earlier by the buggers but found a way to repel them.  However, now the fear is the buggers will return, so the earth is preparing for the second wave and looking for leaders and warriors to help beat them.

Andrews nickname is Enders, hence Enders Game.  Ender is chosen to attend special training to help him become a fighter pilot in the battle against the buggers.  Enders game takes you through his training, which Ender excels at. The training uses war games and computer simulation to provide situations that may occur during war with the buggers.  I really liked how the author told the story, Ender is manipulated to train and fight.  It has an interesting ending and I would recommend it especially for younger readers.
definitely a boy book:)

well, here is a look at some of the fun we had in july...

apparently we have lots of treasures and are incredibly blessed:)

thanks you guys for all the participation in our wednesday word fun.

now on to a different feel...

gone (at least momentarily)
are the patriotic fireworks and meyhem of july
(anybody else feel that july is always jam packed?)
and on to the
hot august nights
and spookyish books...
maybe a little jam making
and tomato dinners on the porch...
share if you want and have fun with the witches or whatever you are reading...
love you all!

more later...


Staci T said...

We so need a picture of Madden:( someone send me one...please;`(

DalHan said...

Yes! We need more Madden.

I listened to Enders game also Matt. Fun book!

Robyn said...

Love the photos and the sharing so we can see many of Grandma & Grandpa Jennings great and great great grandchildren. Can you believe it!!! Thanks!!

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