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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


we are exhausted....
we are crazy tired...
we moved mom out of the condo this weekend...
it was hard...
for too many reasons:(

we chilled out by watching this awesome movie...

starring gwyneth paltrow and arron eckart

they play a pair of literary sleuths who discover some long hidden letters that suggest a secret love affair between two Victorian era poets only to find themselves falling under a passionate spell as they uncover the truth.

the victorian scenes are especially beautiful and the seamless cutting between past and present was very smooth and i loved that.

the poets are played by jeremy northam as randolph henry ash
jennifer ehle as christabel lamott

except for the fact that he steals a letter from a book--in this case roland's
boldness and his guile are a good thing...
he is american 
and maude is at first annoyed by that 
then amused 
and then beguiled..

Sure, they have scenes of Roland reading a book of Ash poetry and a brief flash of Roland writing poetry in a notebook. But the latter scene seemed to exist only for Gwyneth Paltrow's character (Maud Bailey) to have another opportunity to make fun of Roland, and not to help reveal any sort of depth to his character. 
Roland Michell is an American scholar trying to make it in the difficult world of British Academia. 
He has yet to break out from under his mentor's shadow until he finds a pair of love letters that once belonged to one of his idols, a famous Victorian poet. 
Michell, after some sleuthing, narrows down the suspects to a woman not his wife, another well known Victorian poet. 
Roland enlists the aid of a Dr. Maud Bailey, 
an expert on the life of the woman in question. 
Together they piece together the story of a forbidden love affair, and discover one of their own. 
They also find themselves in a battle to hold on to their discovery before it falls into the hands of their rival, Fergus Wolfe.

if you want to learn more about this movie
check it here

the letters are beautiful and the love affair forbidden...
it was fantastic 
(and available on netflix)

mom and i give this movie 5 stars:)
here is a preview of our new wednesday word...

this one will be fun and it can be anything this word inspires...
be sure to use the #potatopeelpiesocietyjune on the comment section on instagram (with no spaces)

we sure got some great pics with "bookshop"

this book is so good!

more later...


Masters Of Disasters said...

I thought this was a good movie also. But of course, I'm a sucker for love stories :)

Staci T said...

oh my gosh lindz...we loved it so much. both of the love stories were beautiful. i loved it when they were in the old house and they were sitting on the floor in the middle of the night after they found the hidden letters. and they were reading them to each other and it keep going back to the victorian scenes. so romantic. i hope everyone gets the chance to see it. i too am a sucker for a good love story and this one was a good one<3.

Staci T said...

i hear the book is really good too...i downloaded it the other day. can't wait to read it:)

Maddie said...

I'm going to see if I can find this one on Netflix :) Where did you find it? Was it Netflix??

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