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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"think of me when you drink tea"

an exceptional movie set in london during the war 
starring a very young harrison ford and lesley ann down. everything about this movie is perfect. 
although mostly a bittersweet love story, 
the entire movie is a delightful surprise full of wartime suspense and the sacrifices made in the name of friendship.
you will love the ending, 
even though it will be hard to see through the tears.
this movie was made before harrison ford became a star. 
what a treasure!
i picked this movie because it was a ww2 romance 
and another one of my favs:)
it was made in 1979 when i was a teenager
and i thought harrison ford was

lesley ann down

harrison ford

christopher plummer

some of my favorite quotes from the movie:

trying desparatley hard not to fall in love with margaret, david says to her 
"i just wish your eyes weren't that color" 

david halloran:I love you enough to let you go, which is more than I've ever felt about anyone in my life. 

"You've got to go to him, and I've got to turn and walk away."

"think of me when you drink tea"

i loved it! 


our new wednesday word,
and the last for this book

have fun...

more later...


Cindy said...

I loved Hanover Street! You and I watched it one weekend and drooled over Harrison Ford. I had forgotten what it was called and was actually thinking about this movie last week. I remembered it started with an "H" but that was all. I am totally going to find it and watch it again. Those were great times! Thanks for the memories Stac!!!!!
Love you,

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