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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fail…Fail….Fail….Serious Burn….SUCCESS!!!!!!!

Guess what we ran into on the way to Torrey?
Yup, you guessed it.  A cattle drive.

We spent a wonderful 2 days in Torrey with mom and dad.
Mom and I entered the amazing world of Café Melba and after years
Of me trying and failing, we figured out how to make Grandma’s popcorn balls. Since they are Matt’s favorite, this is a big deal.

We came to the conclusion that Grandma probably didn’t use a candy thermometer and just
Went by the old reliable cold water method to test her candy.
The crackling stage is cooking the candy too long and it hardens too fast to effectively make the
Popcorn balls.
If you are using a candy thermometer, take it just to the hard ball stage.
Also, if you follow this recipe, only use the equivalent of 3 bags of microwave popcorn. More than that
Is too much. My suggestion is to double the recipe and use the equivalent of 6 bags of popcorn.
Otherwise you don’t have very many popcorn balls.
They were perfection.

And I missed Grandma so much I could hardly breathe…..

this little gal is on her last leg :'(


Chloé said...

yay! love love love this. we need to make that. and i love your blog. so glad we got to work on it this last weekend. i love you!

Lee S. said...

Yum to popcorn balls!

Dallys said...

I want one!

Masters Of Disasters said...

The kids loved the caramel corn :) Beau saw the pictures of grandma making the balls, and really misses Torrey. We'll have to go there this summer. I hope Tico will still be around.

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