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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"my heros have always been cowboys"

"and they still are it seems."

the electric horseman

this movie came out when i was in st. george going to college...
it was filmed there so it was really fun to see it then...

it brings back memories:)

it's been on
the turner movie classic network
the retro channel
also on netflix

robert redford and jane fonda

"the kind of story that excited them in 1979 was this comedy-western-romance about former rodeo champion sonny steele, hired by a cereal company to be its spokesperson. decked out in a cowboy outfit covered in lights, sonny is supposed to hawk the product during a special las vegas appearance, but when he finds out the champion horse he's riding is being drugged by the corporation, he rides off the stage and into the desert, where he plans to free the horse. hot on his trail is reporter alice "hallie" martin, who catches up with steele on the run, falls in love with him, and aids him in his mission when the evil food conglomerate comes gunning for him."

i thought he was so gorgeous...

"You're all bent. Are you sick?

Nope. Just bent."

more later...

for your viewing pleasure:)
the growing boys...
benny blue and baby jack



John said...

Being a Grandma is the best!!

Maddie said...

This movie sounds good! I'll have to see if I can find it. Remember when we saw Robert Redford at Sundance? :)

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