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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

the winter sea

"it wasn't chance.
there wasn't any part of it that happened just by chance."

 Basic Plot:

A well know historical fiction writer, Carrie McClelland, travels to Scotland to research the material for her book in progress and to get a feel for the area where the main action will take place. Her main character is Sophia Patterson, named for an ancestor who, coincidentally, had lived in Scotland in the early 18th century and had been an relative of the Duchess of Slains castle. The Duchess was an instrumental figure in the times of the Jacobite rebellion and, Sophia resided with at Slains Castle at this time.

The book is really two stories in one: the 'old 'story playing out during 1708 and the Jacobite rebellion, the 'new' in present day Scotland.

Carries rents a small cottage from a local man , Jimmy Keith (who retains the decided burr of the local dialect) who has two sons, Stuart and Graham. Both sons begin to fall in love with Carrie - although only one of the sons 'feels right'. As Carrie's research intensifies, and her need for for more information increases, she calls on her father to fill in details about their ancestor's story. Gradually as her research and writing, as well as her love interests, progress, Carries finds herself swept up in more than just words on on paper. She finds herself caught in a time warp of sorts. Her flashes of insight feel more like memory than writing and her love for one of the brothers feels more compelling than just a present day love interest. As Carrie writes her book she finds that she is, in fact, recounting her own story - a story that began during the Jacobite rebellion and a love that has lasted through time. Her flashes of deja vu are more than just images - they are images that are filled with remembrance and as real to her as her present day life as a writer.

this was a "book within a book" and i found myself equally invested in both stories.
i loved graham...

i would love to know what you thought:)

slains castle in its prime

slains castle now

here is my review on goodreads...

The Winter SeaThe Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I loved it! So romantic and tragic and beautiful!

thanks for the pictures of all the fun
things you made last month.
we will try some
ones this month:)

more later...


Cindy said...

I loved the Winter Sea. I enjoyed that there was a story within a story and I especially loved Sophia and her story.

John said...

I love the winter see I got all caught up into the era in the 1700s and the Scottish life since our ancestors came from there and I enjoy making the Scottish scones with clotted cream. that was fun!

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