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Thursday, January 17, 2013

"you are my whole existence, and i will love you until my very last breath."


Who Was Queen Victoria?

"She was a fun-loving princess who endured an unhappy childhood, enjoyed the attentions of some of the most prominent men of her day and, for all her breeding, retained the common touch."
The history books tell us that she was the ruler of the United Kingdom of Great Britain from 1837 to 1901. Her time in power was the longest of any ruler in British history and came to be known as the Victorian Era. With this, we immediately conjure up all those images of a frumpy over-weight woman dressed in black; but now, with the motion picture, "The Young Victoria", we are presented with a different view of this dynamic British monarch.
Young Victoria

this movie is so beautiful and sweet...
a royal who married for love and remained madly in love for her whole life,
despite what was expected of her.
she chose love above all else and remained true to her people and responsibilities at the same time...
one of my favorite royal characters...
and prince albert...oh he was amazing:)

"You are confusing stubbornness with strength, my dear. And I warn you, the people will not like you for it".

Queen Victoria: [sobbing] I'm so sorry! I thought I was going to lose you!
Prince Albert: I don't think he was a very good shot. 
Queen Victoria: Why did you do it? So stupid, why did you do it?
Prince Albert: I had two very good reasons. First, I am replaceable and you are not.
Queen Victoria: You are not replaceable to me!
Prince Albert: Second, you're the only wife I've got or ever will have. You are my whole existence, and I will love you until my very last breath.

i loved this movie...
(on netflix:))

more later...


John said...

I remember this movie & I loved it too! Thanks for reminding me about it! I think I will watch that tonight. John will fall asleep watching it though. He likes James Bond movies! Guy movies. Oh well....

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