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Thursday, October 11, 2012

"watch your heads"

"the horseman comes.
and tonight he comes for you".

this film is like a scary lighted pumpkin on a foggy october night. perfect to get you in the spooky spirit of the season. plus, it’s tim burton and johnny depp.

sleepy hollow is dazzling. a delicious reworking of washington irving's “the legend of sleepy hollow”. dark and moody, the film is a thrilling ride back to the turn of the 19th century. johnny depp stars as ichabod crane, a seemingly hapless constable from new york city who is sent to the small town of sleepy hollow to solve the mystery of the decapitations that are plaguing the town. 

crane is a bumbling sort, with a tremendous faith in science over mysticism, and he comes up against town secrets, bewitching women, and a number of bodies missing heads. christina ricci, as beautiful as ever, is katrina van tassel, the offbeat love interest who alternately charms and frightens crane.

while a little gory, (as one should expect from a movie about a headless horseman), it is not too scary and very suspenseful and the cinematography is brilliant. 

both depp and ricci are at their best, and the art direction and production values give the village its harsh feel. 
toward the end, once the secrets are revealed, this stylistic horror film provides many tricks and even more treats.
so perfect for holloween.

if you like tim burton and johnny depp, you will love it:)

"you're just in time to have your head cut off"

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John said...

Looks so good! I hope I can get that from Netflix! Thanks for the recommendation:/

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