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Sunday, July 15, 2012

weiners of wayne county

every year we try to go to torrey for the appledays 
they have one of those awesome small town parades that really just make you happy and this year was no exception...
except the "wieners of wayne county" float...
no tiko:(
grandma and grandpa actually teared up when we saw this float...
it was sad because tiko has been part of this float for for a very long time.
the kids used to take turns being in the parade with her.
if i am not mistaken, i think it was beau's turn...
we missed her:(

however, the parade and torrey were fun this year.
they have a new place in torrey called 
and it is really fun...
it is a cowboy bar that looks like something out of 
"urban cowboy".
so neat.
you will all have to go there when you visit
grandma and grandpa.

they even went there with us...
(at 10:00pm:))

we also went to "the lodge" for breakfast.
my kids have a apparently been there before but matt and i were first timers.
it was delicious and beautiful and 
we dined with buffalo...

we also stopped by 
"the robbers roost"
and saw an outdoor concert...

one of the highlights of the trip
were penny's
bacon and egg muffins..

they were fantastic with maple syrup
(don't grandma "j"s
dishes look beautiful)?

i also added powered sugar...

as my handsome husband would say
"a good time was had by all"!

when you guys post pics on instagram,
it allows me to put them on here
so thanks!

so it looks like i might be getting me
one of those "grand babies"
you all keep talking about:)

i am thrilled...

also if you will notice for the month of august i have changed the book to "shadow of night"
the sequel to "a discovery of witches".
it just came out and we loved that book so much, we could not wait until october to read it so,
if you have not read 
"a discovery of witches"
this would be a great time
to do so and then read the sequel...
check it out here
deborah harkness

more later...


knz said...

So sad about Tico :(

Robyn said...

We could bring P'nut to the Torrey Weinerdog float!! So fun. Sad that Tico is not longer with us. Our P'nut is 13. We do love our dogs, a legacy from Grandma and Grandpa Jennings!! And Staci I love Grandma J's plates and Penny I will wait for you to come back to San Antonio and make us those bacon and egg muffins!!!

John said...

Nice job on the blog staci! We're you able to check out the chalk paint yet?

Staci T said...

They are holding it for me:)

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