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Thursday, April 12, 2012

robyn's teapot

robyn was the grand prize winner of our giveaway and she recieved her package and sent us a picture. yay!!!
she also sent this message:

The sample herbal tea was delicious!!

she also mentioned that there is a teavana in san antonio, tx, where she lives and she is headed there for more tea!!

hope you all are enjoying the book...

it's supposed to rain here this weekend and i am going to be watching "singin' in the rain" so watch for the movie review or if you have nothing to do watch it too! gotta love gene kelly:)
make some kettle last count 4 of us got the whirley pop since cindy's recomendation and i have to tell you, they are the bomb. real kettle corn in 3 min.
they have them at bed bath and beyond.
so check it out:)
more later...

(this site has more whirley pop recipes)


chloé said...

sooo cute! and man.. i need to get me a whirly pop.... who else got one???

Staci T said...

grandma, penny, me and someone is getting one for mothers day. can't say who yet:)

Lee S. said...

Singin' in the Rain in one of my favorite movies ever! Love Gene Kelly and his fancy footwork <3 Enjoy the cozy rainy days.

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